Architects Talking to Architects: Kirby Zengler, AIA

January 16, 2014

I was born in 1977 to a couple, with an older brother and sister waiting for me. I’ve been vying for attention ever since. 

My father is an engineer and has been for quite some time; it keeps him out of the house. My mother was more on the “artsy side” (read: less drab) and spent a great deal of energy introducing the fine arts and its creative process to us kids.

Ever since then I have enjoyed painting and drawing but only at a leisurely pace. I suppose that is what eventually lead me to architecture; that and a damaging experience in my human figure drawing course during college. (long story)

So now you know me, but not really. I’ve left out a lot; but only the interesting parts.

-by Kirby Zengler, AIA​

Kirby Zengler, AIA, is an associate at JHP Architecture in Dallas. He received his MArch degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and joined the firm in 2002. Zengler leads the Whole Community Design initiative on behalf of JHP.