JHP Leadership in 2022 Q1

March 23, 2022

Our JHPeople have been busy so far this year! With conferences finally returning, and more gatherings coming back, we’ve been glad to get back in the swing of things.

JHP’s Annual Leadership Retreat

Every Spring JHPs Principals, Senior Associates and Associates get together for a day away from the office to discuss where we have been, where we are headed and how we can position ourselves to get where we want to go as a firm…and to have fun! The theme this year is ‘Inspiration’ which led to a lot of great ideas and thoughtful debate, including how we as a team lean in to an idea that has driven JHP for over 20 years: People over Places. The idea that we do what we do, in all aspects of our practice, to elevate the people who live in and encounter the built environments we create. And how by doing this, we also positively impact the lives of our clients, consultants, vendors and ourselves. JHP celebrates People over Places as the cause we work toward, the idea that drives us forward us each and every day!

TxA Design Conference | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Carl and Jonathan attended the 10th Annual TxA Design Conference. This year the conference was in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming. They enjoyed touring several unique homes with local architecture and soaking up the scenery! They came away inspired after the creative and hands-on lectures and tours.

The Coxe Group Roundtable | Calgary, Canada

Carl, Monica, and Sheila headed North… way North… to Calgary Canada for the Coxe Group Roundtable. They enjoyed learning from other firms and sharing experiences with them as well. They returned from the business conference ready to tackle our upcoming year at JHP!