Lindsey Briceno Awarded Rose Architectural Fellowship

Lindsey Briceno, AIA, who has been with JHP for the last six years was awarded a coveted Rose Architectural Fellowship. The Fellowship program partners Architectural designers with Community development organizations to help foster a creative approach to development. Its intent is to create sustainable, attainable, and most importantly, affordable communities. Typically, four new Fellows are identified each year and assigned across the US in communities that need assistance with accomplishing the goals of the program. Lindsey is headed (with a down parka) to Epicenter in Green River, Utah, population 950.

Epicenter prides itself on its rural roots, its motto being ‘Rural and Proud’ but with that, its approach to development is a unique one. Epicenter is also very focused on how art can be woven into community Placemaking as it welcomes artists and designers throughout the year to create with no parameters except to enhance Green River. Her role as a Fellow over the next two years will be to help Epicenter foster the initiatives already in place and hopefully commence the housing component for the residents. Challenging but achievable.

We wish Lindsey all the success in her new opportunity for the next two years!