Cielo South Lamar

Austin, TX

At the intersection of South Lamar Boulevard and Manchaca Road in Austin, TX, Cielo South Lamar nestles itself into an area of the city that is a hidden gem to the locals and is enjoying a renaissance of unique business and urban renovation. Affording 357 total units and 7,600 SF of retail space, this mixed-use infill opportunity is poised to help redefine the local urban fabric and engage the vibrant pedestrian and transit culture’s with a CAPMETRO stop on-site. Bridging the transition between a commercial edge on the West, and a single family residential edge on the East and South, Cielo South Lamar is knitting together disparate aspects of the community into a positive, urbane convergence.


Centro Development LLC | 357 Units | 6.4 Acres | 55.78 Units / AC