Garland Road Single Family For Rent

Dallas, TX

Eponymous with its site, Garland Road is a distinctive built-for-rent development in Dallas, Texas. The 56-unit project incorporates a mix of housing typologies, including duplexes, townhomes, and bungalows. These typologies will cater to a wider residential portfolio and set a new standard for communal living within the greater Dallas area. Whereas most single-family built-for-rent developments strictly offer fragmented housing, Garland Road focuses on community and placemaking through shared amenity spaces for its residents. A central green spine featuring a serene pool area, amenity pavilion, and spacious courtyards links the two halves of the site. This green spine will bridge the privacy of living with the publicity of the community and culminate in a distinct development along Garland Road.

Larkspur Capital Partners | 56 Units | 3.51 AC | 15.95 Units/AC