Merit Lewisville

Lewisville, TX

The goal of the project is to develop an innovative approach that would comply with the city regulations while creating something iconic for the neighborhood.

On the four level multifamily portion, iconic corners were framed by metal panels with a two-story entrance hall. A pale yellow color brick was used to respond to the limestone on the Retail. Wood tone siding are using to evoke the feeling of natural warmth and beauty of wood. The cascading nature of the façade creates a connection at the street level and gives the buildings a transparent, approachable feel.

The building’s indoor-outdoor connection is bolstered by extending interior finishes to exterior, creating rich access to outdoor spaces, using the building forms to create courtyards, and outdoor amenity spaces.

The central green area which extended from the multifamily courtyard to the edge of the road, formed an inviting arriving plaza for the retails and created outdoor sitting areas and activity spaces in between. In this outdoor plaza, life, community, architecture, and nature come together seamlessly.

JPI | 360 Units | 11.89 Acres | 30.28 Units / AC