Oakhurst Scenic

Fort Worth, TX

Located in Fort Worth, TX, Oakhurst Scenic features 400 units with various amenities including Zen gardens, speakeasy hubs, and sky lounges. One of the challenges that this design overcame was the site topography that allowed us to design the units into two blocks. Block A sits on the level end of the site and features 3 stories of 110 walk-up units with private gardens and tuck under garages. Block B sits on the hill of the topography and features 4 stories of 290 units that wrap around a central community center. This design intent was to manipulate the existing topography to maximize the views for the residents as the site overlooks the city Downtown and the West Fork Trinity River and Park. The site conditions allowed the landscape design to maximize pedestrian access around the area. The ground floor garage is covered with murals done by the local artists, turning a plain fa├žade into a creative feature. Oakhurst Scenic is ultimately a design that viewed a challenge as an opportunity to provide residents with beautiful views of the city and fun amenities.

JPI | 400 Units | 8.25 AC | 48.48 Units/AC