Quest Commons West

Atlanta, GA

Quest Commons West is a deeply affordable multifamily development located in Atlanta, GA. It consists of 3 levels of 53 units, ranging from one to three-bedroom layouts. On the ground floor, adjacent to Rock Street, sits the leasing office and amenities which include a community space. The design started with the merge of two square volumes with its intersection as a void that ultimately served as the central courtyard and playground space. Around the void, we layered two rings of units. The inner ring consists of 1- 2 bed units while the outer ring has 2-3 bed units. Underneath the housing design, we provided an underground parking garage for the convenience of the residents. The overall material palette was kept muted with a combination of accent bricks and cementitious siding and panels. In the leasing corner, however, we transitioned to a warmer palette and specifically played with the extrusions of the fa├žades to give more emphasis to that corner. Although Columbia Quest is one of our smaller projects, it certainly does not fail to serve the community and residents with a bigger purpose.

Columbia Residential | 53 Units | 1 AC | 53 Units/AC