JHP Bark + Build Entry Wins

December 8, 2021

We are over the MOON with our Bark + Build design winning the HOT DOG Award! Congrats to the team both at JHP and Spring Valley for their hard work for such a great cause! The entire team had a fun time creating this “out of this world” nightstand.

The Bark Side of the Moon
The sky is no longer the limit on fun and imagination you and your pet can have with the “Bark Side of the Moon” nightstand.  The sleek, futuristic form, combined with a cosmic color palette and celestial materials create a uniquely elegant, yet functional, piece of furniture that is guaranteed to be the star of any bedroom.  Although equipped with a cozy bed of their own in the hull of the ship, the innovative slide-out lunar lander steps allow your four-legged friend to shoot for the stars and land in your bed.  A crescent moon nightlight, complemented with glow-in-the-dark trim and constellation accents, softly illuminates any dark space, transmitting an out-of-this-world site both day and night.  So, sleep easy, and drift off to another planet alongside your furry crewmate thanks to the “Bark Side of the Moon” nightstand.