PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Trinity Mills Station

June 30, 2022

Trinity Mills Station is a new mixed-use Urban Village located adjacent to the DART Green Line Transit Station in Carrollton, Texas at the intersection of I35 and the George Bush Turnpike. The City of Carrollton’s and DART’s objectives were to create a sustainable, vibrant, livable mixed-use district with a variety of high-density residential, commercial office, and retail uses along with a central public space while incorporating enhanced pedestrian amenities and supporting transit ridership. JHP, Integral’s, and Koa Partner’s response to the project was a master plan and design in a modern streamline aesthetic of very dense, mixed-use developments that create a new vibrant destination for Carrollton and its environs.

We have tried to maximize both place making and economic value of the urban plazas and open spaces – to create identity, value, and economic return for the development

JHP’s urban vision for Trinity Mills Station is a walkable and urban mixed-use development that leverages the economic potential and pedestrian activity of the adjacent Trinity Mills Station (serving as the hub between the DTA’s A line and DART’s Green Line). This combined with the site’s 25.58 acres location at the intersection of I35E and the President George Bush Turnpike makes this location unique, quite visible, and ready for redevelopment around a collection of a variety of types of housing; office space, hospitality, retail, and restaurants that through vibrant/active public plazas and promenades create a new Carrollton neighborhood and sense of place.

The team’s urban design approach involved creating a diverse and active open space “spine” with various pavilion type markets, cafes, and retail opportunities in pavilion structures that are primarily arranged in an East/West open orientation. An engaging and active Market Plaza or Promenade terminates the redevelopment into a central commons area – our “Great Lawn”. This space will serve as the living room or social center for this new “Neighborhood” of Carrollton and has been designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind so that it can both host special events (concerts, gatherings, or markets) but also simply provide some green lawn for enjoyment. This “Great Lawn” central boulevard/spine area will activate the adjacent ground floor experiences through retail and commercial activity combined with pockets parks, niches, terraces, and diverse outdoor spaces; combining an urban streetscape and softer landscaping surrounded by canopies of shade trees (lining boulevards and streets wherever possible). The Urban Design team looked to leverage and maximize opportunities for “place-making” along with economic value of the urban plazas and open spaces – to create a new “urban” identity and neighborhood for Carrollton but also to create value and economic return for the development. Key vistas and views are accented with marquee office towers, a future residential tower (luxury for sale) and a high-end hotel – these will serve to further anchor the development from an urban standpoint and create a prominence and view from afar for the corner of Carrollton and DFW.

Key vistas and views are accented with marquee office towers and a luxury hotel, these serve to anchor the development from an urban standpoint and from afar while still activating the street level through the incorporation of retail uses throughout