Summer Intern Recap

September 18, 2023

This summer we were very fortunate to have 4 interns share their summers with us! Jylian Hanson and Stephen Barksdale assisted our color teams, and Sarvin Eshaghi and Sepehr Vaez Afshar did a deep dive into some virtual reality research for us. Check out highlights and interviews from each journey below!



Jylian Hanson
Recent Texas Tech grad, starting her Masters this Fall

What has surprised you about your time at JHP?

“What surprised me the most about JHP is how involved and accommodating everyone has been for us interns all summer. Everyone here genuinely wants to know what aspects of the job we are interested in and they will make a genuine effort to make sure that you have opportunities and exposure in that area over the summer. For instance, I have shown some interest in adaptive reuse with one of my undergrad projects covering that area of architectural design. So, when JHP acquired an adaptive reuse project they immediately knew that I would enjoy learning about it and let me be involved in the process.”


One of Jylian’s favorite projects was a conceptual site plan, complete with street sections:

Stephen Barksdale
Going into his 4th year at Louisiana Tech University

What do you think has been most helpful about your time here?

“Having a safety net of people checking my work really helps me to feel more confident in creating a design. I am less afraid to make a mistake than when I first started, and I think this will translate well into my future studio classes as I feel more comfortable relying on a teammate now.”


Along with project assistance, Stephen also helped our Marketing Team out by producing a colored site plan for Texas Plaza South:



Virtual Reality Interns – Sepehr and Sarvin

The two VR interns are from Texas Tech and were brought in to study virtual reality and gamification for the presentation and the delivery of our projects. Sepehr and Sarvin made great strides in opening this door of new technology as it relates to telling the story of a JHP project. The goal of the summer was not a polished, cinematic creation – only proof of concept.

Initially, their exploration of innovative frontiers in this realm led them to discard Twinmotion due to limitations and move to utilize the more robust capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 [UE5]. Bridging the gap between design and the immersive experience met with some resistance while trying to utilize one of our ArchiCAD project files. This exercise made us aware of the need to prioritize optimization of the JHP ArchiCAD model for export to achieve a better, more smooth and clean import into UE5. A model of a house that was smaller, better optimized and more suited to our hardware was used for the remainder of the research. Once all these pieces were together, the task of telling the story was ready to begin.

After starting with a scratch version of a modelled house, Sepehr and Sarvin applied site context, exterior/interior materials, and character interaction to the project. They also implemented cutting edge AI technology into the storytelling. The end result allows an interactive conversation with a non-player character. Enter Cooper, the leasing agent. He is the tour guide for the telling of the story and provides a way for the first person character, the end user, to get data from both the game and an informed person.


You can see here how the live chat works between Cooper and the user in the screenshot below: