UTA CAPPA JHP Robert James Visiting Professor

September 5, 2023

JHP is proud to announce César A. Lopez as the JHP Robert James Endowed Visiting Professor this Fall at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA)!

JHP’s endowment fund (the “JHP\Robert H James Excellence Endowment”) broadly funds an endowed lecture in the Spring and Fall, and new this year, which we hope to continue as a primary mission, is funding in part its first visiting lecturer. A portion of the fund is always available to be used as the school sees fit to support students in ways they see as the highest and best need – it has supported travel to interviews and home, books, materials, housing assistance, etc. – it’s a very wide range based on needs that students identify, which JHP started that during COVID when needs were changing on a daily basis. Separately, JHP directly sponsors UTA/CAPPA’s annual JEDI award and lecture.

César A. Lopez is a first-generation Mexican-American architectural designer, researcher, and educator. He draws from his life in the Mexico-United States Border Region as critical knowledge to explore the entanglements between architecture, territory, and the politics that dictate them. As an educator, César is a first-generation college graduate and an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of New Mexico, School of Architecture + Planning (UNM SA+P).