Columbia Renaissance Square Wins A 2023 CLIDE Award

June 30, 2023

We are honored to announce that Columbia Renaissance Square has won a 2023 Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence (CLIDE) Award!

The CLIDE Awards Program was created in 2003 to recognize private and public development programs and projects that exemplify the Principles of Development Excellence. This is JHP’s 11th CLIDE Award.

Columbia Renaissance Square is a master planned mixed-use 200-acre development in Fort Worth, with a goal of creating a mixed-income area. Two of the housing phases are currently built (Phase I as affordable Multifamily housing, Phase II as affordable Senior housing), and are conveniently located near multiple schools, healthcare, a YMCA, shopping, and dining. This Purpose Built Community holds the strong belief that each person should be provided with the resources and services to address the generational poverty challenges that affect so many across the country. The award-winning model is centered on a cradle-to-college-to-career education pipeline, a mixed-income housing strategy, and community wellness through a rich network of community and support services.

Originally on land functioning as an orphanage operated by the Masonic Lodge, a focus on the wellbeing of children became a pivotal purpose for this development. The ACH Child and Family Services center provides crisis intervention, family services, community-based care, counseling with bilingual counselors, and more all footsteps away for Renaissance Square residents. Additionally, Cook Children’s Neighborhood Clinic provides convenient healthcare.

As with every Purpose Built Community, Columbia Renaissance Square is dedicated to ensuring that anyone is able to live and raise their family within a community where they can reach their full potential. Additionally, not only has it improved the lives of those living within the development, but it has also raised home values in the surrounding area. What was previously a food desert, is now a thriving district with a prominent Walmart and other retailers all within walking distance for residents. While separated zoning is a common route for many developments, Renaissance Square encourages mixed-use zoning to generate a true community environment.

Master Plan
Phases I & II (built) Site Plans