The Gupton

Nashville, TN

Located near Downtown Nashville, The Gupton will feature 14 stories of luxury rental units and amenities for residents. The heart of this residential project is to create a “garden in the sky”. You will notice heavier materials at the base of the building, including brick, with materials transitioning to a lighter aesthetic and feel as the building opens up to the sky. Different building heights and creative massing allows for multiple rooftop terraces and decks, including a rooftop pool deck and a “green roof”. Not only will the green roof be a prime amenity space, it is also anticipated to aid in water quality management. The series of outdoor spaces are a fundamental amenity aimed at engaging residents in this up-and-coming neighborhood in Nashville.

In addition to the plentiful outdoor amenity spaces, there are several interior amenity areas as well. These spaces will be further defined as the project progresses. The top three levels will be built out as premium penthouse units.

JHP is excited to collaborate with long-term partner Chartwell Residential to design this transformational addition to Nashville!

Chartwell Residential | 305 Units | 1.56 Acres | 195.51 Units / AC