PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Instrata at Legacy West

October 2, 2022

Part of the Legacy West development, which JHP also planned, the 161-unit Instrata offers luxury living beautifully integrated into the lively mixed-use development. Starting at the beginning of the journey where residents enter the building through an elevated foyer that integrates the luxurious language of the surrounding site, Instrata is already a design that stands out among its competitors. Its clear organization of the units and amenities not only allows for the privacy above a luxurious podium and site but, more importantly, it allows residents to live there with comfort and class. Along with the onsite amenities, residents are within walking distance to shops, entertainment, and restaurants, and an iconic food hall at Legacy West while enjoying the breathtaking views all around. Through these amenities and the integration of the surrounding luxury commercial spaces, residents living Instrata get a package beyond the footprint of the building. Rather, they have access to the community built beyond the footprint.

Sensitive to the surrounding high-end retail spaces, Instrata integrates seamlessly into its surroundings while still making an elegant statement. A challenge with the project was giving the residential component a luxurious and welcoming language without being overshadowed by the surrounding high-end retail spaces. Most of all, it was designed with considerations of the environment as well as the users’ needs, as all architecture should.

Located in a luxurious retail zone, residents enter the garage to pass through the enhanced foyer where it feels like a boutique entrance rather than walking through a typical back-of-house entrance. That experiential space is created through the enhanced entry and foyer located next to the leasing office. This design separates the garage into two spaces as it is a shared space for the residents and the adjoining retail spaces. Residents can pass walk through the meticulously designed commercial streetscapes to relax in the residential lounge or take their furry friends to the dog park before traveling to their units.

Towards the North, the site aligns with Headquarters Drive. Both the busy nature of the street, and numerous transformers were site challenges. A large, curved wall encasing a beautifully landscaped courtyard solves each of these issues, alloying residents to enjoy the space while not having any awareness of the hustle beyond the walls. Additionally, the units are arranged around the ring of a double-loaded corridor with the more enhanced units and amenities protruding beyond the ring. In the center of the ring is the internalized pool courtyard that gives residents privacy to enjoy the space without feeling isolated.

The upgraded entry lobby not only compliments the surrounding luxury retail spaces, but also provide the residents an elevated experience at Instrata. The residential lounge pulls the incoming residents to the space while the internalized pool courtyard serves as an outdoor lounge space, thus creating a balanced indoor-outdoor relationship. A courtyard between the two allows for a seamless transition from inside to outside. The overall layout and design of this space really integrates the site and allows for a luxurious comfort with the needed residential privacy.

Given the luxurious surroundings and the grand entrance, the elevated experience must be translated through each individual unit as well, customizing the living spaces to match the luxury on its exteriors. Therefore, luxury apartments at Instrata all include an open concept floor plan and features upgraded appliance and interior finishes packages. With the quartz countertops, wood-finished cabinetry, and hardwood-style flooring, living at Instrata really is a luxury from the inside and out. The black, white, and gold interior design color scheme emphasize the indulgence even further.

Additional lounge and coworking spaces are distributed on the upper levels, allowing residents to work remotely at the convenience of their footsteps. A lounge area encompasses the landing area of each floor, outfitting each floor with an amenity space.