44 South

Austin, TX

Located in Austin TX, 44 South is a subtle design that sits adjacent to South Congress Ave. It continues the existing commercial strip with retail spaces on the ground floor while tucking the leasing and amenity spaces right behind it. The retails spaces are designed with large windows in order to be as inviting as possible, allowing space for better pedestrian access and streetscape. On top of the commercial ground floor sits four stories of a total of 269 units, varying from studio to 2 bedrooms up to 1250 SF. One of the unique features of 44 South is the select live-work units located between the amenities and central garage on the ground floor, allowing remote work to be flexible and comfortable. The biggest driving factor behind this design is to be a respectful and meaningful piece of architecture to the area. The fa├žades and material palette offer a simple, neutral design language without being repetitive. The bay windows were specifically chosen over typical balconies to allow residents to overlook the busy streets without compromising their privacy and comfort in doing so. Although 44 South did not have to make an architectural statement, it successfully integrates fully into the urban fabric and serves the community.

Cypress Real Estate Advisors | 269 Units | 3.6 AC | 74.92 Units/AC | 14,883 SF Retail