Zang Triangle

Dallas, TX

Zang Triangle’s view towards Downtown Dallas is quite stunning, all units feature balconies and large windows, taking in such views. Equally important is the view towards the project itself; posing as a gateway to the revitalized neighborhood of Oak Cliff. The architectural design reflects the urban character of the project. The north corner elevation stands out from the rest of the building with a metal-cladded curve massing. Large windows with broken horizontal patterns create an impressive view into the two-story leasing office inside. A rusted iron low wall with window boxes separates Zang’s courtyards into two areas, one with an outdoor seating and lounge with a glass overhead door, while the larger area features a pool. The project is a wonderful addition to the community as it generates new energy to its surrounding.

Lang Partners | 260 Units | 3.33 AC | 78.05 Units/AC